Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day Four - People! Posters! PATTY!!

Today started out with another production staff meeting, where everyone checked in with their progress and such. Thomas finally make it back from Disneyland, which was great. Everything seems to be going smoothly so far. Linda, our costume designer, even showed up on campus today, earlier than expected! Yay!
Highlights from the pstaff meeting:
  • My note taking is very strange. For example: Transitions need to be highly aware of by us.
  • Marisa's check-in about costumes: "We had a miniature version of "Say Yes to the Dress" yesterday, and Nora said Yes to the very first dress!" This comment of course "warmed Jeff's heart."
  • Dark time (where the lights people do lighting things) and quiet time (where the sound people do sounding things) will be shared! Sharing is good. Way to go, Lizzie and Abbie.
  • Speaking of Abbie, when Kyle P. was talking to her, I thought he was talking to me at first so I looked up. He stopped and was like "Oh, I think you're great." That comment was later taken back when I took a picture of him looking silly. And then laughed. At him. :)
  • Theresa asked Thomas if he was planning on meeting with Joe Golia at some point, RIGHT WHEN JOE GOLIA WALKED DIRECTLY BEHIND HER. He stopped and was like, "Hey! I'm Joe Golia!!!" It was too funny. Cole then commented on how maybe saying "Joe Golia" was like saying "Voldemort" in Harry Potter 7. Hmm...
After the pstaff meeting, we all dispersed to put up posters everywhere. Today was move-in day, so all the dorms were open. It was so fun to walk around and watch people haul their stuff and set up their stuff and meet people and say goodbye to parents and things. I still remember what it was like last year...
When I finished postering, I chilled out in the box office with Cole and Jeff and several members of the executive board. At one point Cole introduced me, Jeff and Abbie to one of his friends who is a freshman. His exact phrase was: "This is Abby, Jeff and Abbie. Saves my butt, saves my butt, lights my butt." It was hilarious.
When postering was done, we all headed back to the rehearsal hangar for rehearsals. Cole and the actors worked on a few scenes, and then we had our first stumble-through. (A stumble-through is a run-through where things don't go smoothly and it is ok.)
Here are some highlights
  • Cole describing scene 4 as a thunderstorm: humid and uncomfortable at first, then the clouds break and it rains and is terrible, then everything is clear and nice.

  • Rapture: A feeling of intense pleasure.
  • TIBBY!!! No. PATTY!!
  • Don't let the bed bugs buh bugs bed bite?
  • Scene 5 making me cry. Like, seriously. Woah.
  • Today was Tucker's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TUCKER!! We had a cake and everything, which is why we are awesome. We sang to him even though he was a "modest mouse." :)
Pictures to follow in another post.

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