Monday, August 29, 2011

Day Two - We have a T-Shirt!

At the pstaff meeting last night:
Emily: So, we have a t-shirt design! If anybody is interested... We won't get them in time to advertise, but they can still be souvenirs!
The rest of the pstaff: *non-committal grunts*
Emily: Umm, ok.
Cole: Well I know I want one!
The rest of the pstaff: *more grunting, with slightly more enthusiasm*
Emily: Well if there are at least 10 people that want them...
Cole: Sure, why not!
The rest of the pstaff: ...Yeah. Ok. Sure!

And so there will be t-shirts.

I know I am excited. I love t-shirts. You can never have too many of them. :)

*Note: The title of the TTII show has been blurred due to rights restrictions.

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