Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day Three - Anybody want any strawberries?

Tuesday morning began with a production staff meeting bright and early at 9am. We gathered at the tables in the Aidekman lobby, and many people brought their breakfast with them. Jeff R., the assistant lighting designer, produced a container of strawberries to share. They were yummy.

Highlights of the meeting include:
  • Cole comparing the stage to the Room of Requirement.
  • Michelle explaining her ideas on how to make Kevin look balding, then running off to the zillion other things she is doing this week.
  • Kyle P. on the dorm scene: "It should be very painterly. Just a suggestion of the space." Also, explaining on how he found a "mad-ghetto" chandelier.
  • Theresa deciding to skip the whole steering wheel thing. It would just look weird. Even though we all agree that pantomiming a steering wheel always looks weird. A real one with an imaginary car would look...more weird.
In other news, Linda (costume designer) is still stuck in New York because Albany is flooded. :( But Thomas (co-producer) is flying in from LA tonight! Huzzah!

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