Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day Three - Yeah. Wassup. I'm setting up the stage. NBD.

There are a LOT of props and furniture pieces in this show.
The set, set dressings, props, and costumes change between each scene.
There are eight transitions.
As Kyle P. noted earlier, there should definitely be a computer program for figuring this stuff out.

Both Jeff and I took notes on transitions. I wrote down what each person moved during each transition and where they entered/exited. While I am confident in my note-taking skills, I'm pretty sure I didn't get quite everything...and besides, things are going to change again. Especially once we add props and random useless set dressings. It's probably a good thing anyway, since my handwriting got so messy I'm not sure it is legible anymore...
All I know for sure is that pre-setting the props and set pieces backstage is gonna be a pain in the backside. And guess whose job that is? (Maybe Jeff or Kyle P. or Theresa will be nice and help me with that...)

Anyways, here are some lovely moments from rehearsal this morning:
  • Just be goofy to break the awkwardness.
  • Who's ready to be unhappy? YAY! LOL! It's the SAD SCENE!! The bottomless void of unhappiness!
  • Exploding pigeons and rice. EVERYWHERE. Oh, and bubbles too.
  • Exactly HOW big is this vanity?
  • Team Cot-Shamble
  • Morass: An area of muddy or boggy ground, a complicated or confused situation.
  • Wait. Wait. Whaaaat???
  • Wearing green makes you look sickly. Don't do it.

Blocking scene 9.
(That rehearsal block is ACTUALLY a coat-rack. Come on, SUSPEND YOUR DISBELIEF, PEOPLE.)

Cole the All Powerful on his perch. Don't make him mad or he will throw pencils.

Figuring out transitions.

We have now been kicked out of the arena so the cast of the TTII show can rehearse. Right at this second Cole is giving notes to the cast as they relax on the floor of the Hangar. (btw, the Hangar was painted green. It is no longer ugly. Whaaat?)

All that is left today are some costume fittings. Woot.

Meanwhile the rest of campus is bracing itself for the arrival of the rest of the new students on matriculation day tomorrow. My fingers are crossed that it won't be unbearably hot and gross like last year. Because that sucked. It's a good thing that I was so excited to finally get to Tufts that I hardly noticed. :)

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