Sunday, August 28, 2011

Names and Roles!

This is a comprehensive list of the cast and pstaff of Fables for Friends. For future reference.

Cole - Director
Jeff - Stage Manager
Abby (ME!) - Assistant Stage Manager
Linda - Costume Designer
Marisa - Costume Tech
Michelle - Makeup Designer
Abbie - Lighting Designer
Jeff R. - Asst. Lighting Designer
Lizzie - Sound Designer
Kyle - Set Designer / Technical Director
Theresa - Props
Emily - Co-Producer
Thomas - Co-Producer

Nora - Liz, Sarah, Jill, Patty, Ginny
Alexa - Beth, Lynn, Deirdre, Tishy, Nan
Eliza - Libby, Pandy, Peggy, Evie
Tucker - Skeeter, Tony, Kit, Ray, Nicky, Eddie
Kevin - Chick, Trip, Vinnie, Danny, Clay, Cappy
Kyle - Trevor, Chris, Bernard, Victor, Andy

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