Monday, August 29, 2011

Day Two - Block ALL THE THINGS (Cole - 4:33pm)

It is blocking time! WOO!!
After lunch, we all gathered in Balch Arena for an afternoon and evening of blocking. All the things. (Well, most of them...)

Pretty much the format of what is going on right now goes like this:
1. Jeff and I set up the rehearsal furniture (large blocks and folding chairs FTW!)
2. The actors...act. And wonderfully at that. :P
3. Cole watches and gives them notes on blocking and such.
4. Jeff and I are "on-book" so if an actor forgets a line, we remind them. Jeff also compiles the rehearsal report, where he writes down any set/prop/etc. notes for the designers. At the moment there are LOTS of prop notes. Yay.
5. We all laugh at something funny/silly/inappropriate/awkward.
6. Jeff and Cole negotiate set pieces and transitions.
7. Rinse and repeat for each scene. (btw there are 9 scenes...)

While the actors are not working with Cole, they are working on their lines. Some have them on flashcards, others just sit there and talk animatedly and silently to themselves. Oh actors. <3

Some random tidbits of fun:
  • EXPLOSIONS of napkins!
  • How DO you hold a cigarette, anyway?
  • "You need to look like an independent and baller-ish human being" - Cole
  • "ANYWAYS, back to Time Travel!" - Kevin. Multiple times.
  • So.Much.Awkward.
  • "Hey, woah, yes, ouch!" - Nora
  • Tucker looks like a sad puppy and all females in the room go "awwwww"
  • The word "painterly" means "artistic." Apparently it is one of set designers' 10 favorite words...
  • Also, "oleo" is margarine.
  • "Let's just chat about eating butter" - Cole
  • Once, twice, thrice, quad-rice?
  • Eric tells Cole the couch we will use will be heavy. Cole responds with "I forsee the actors manning up..."

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