Friday, September 2, 2011

Day Five - Adding the "stuff"

The most important part of rehearsal today was the addition of all the main furniture elements and prop pieces to the mix. Since this show has eight different transitions where the actors change costumes as well as change the set, practicing with these elements is very important. Today, the arena was being used for Orientation purposes, so we were back in the Hangar. (Which is fine, I love the Hangar.) Anyway, that meant that ALL OUR STUFF had to be transported and set up in the Hangar, and then transported back to the arena afterwards. Not an easy task, I can tell you that. Kyle P. was a beast today at playing 3D tetris as he packed the van with all our stuff. I believe he fit it all in one load? Either way it was impressive. As we were loading up the van after rehearsal, Cole remarked how this random pile of furniture could be seen as some freshman's stuff for moving in: "I mean, come on! We could move in with an entire living room set!"

Like I said, we used all the furniture and props during our run-through today so the actors could get a feel for the things, and the designers could get a better sense of what worked and what didn't.

For example, in scene 5 there is an imaginary car. Theresa had provided some car keys for the driver, but during rehearsal we realized that if the keys are in the ignition, they would have to be suspended in mid-air. That isn't going to happen, unfortunately. I mean, Tufts and Hogwarts have a lot of similarities (LIKE QUIDDITCH), but we still have yet to master the art of levitation...

During the run-through, it was my job to mark down line-notes. Pretty much what that means is that I noted every time an actor messed up a line, whether they forgot it, skipped it, or cut off the end of it. If what they said wasn't what was in the script, I noted it. Jeff made these really cool line-note forms that make this process really easy. All I do is fill them out. It's great. Only one person today didn't have ANY line notes (meaning she was perfect in all her lines), and that was Eliza. WOOOOOO!!!

Tonight there was Dark time and Quiet time, during which the lights and sound people do their thing. (More on that later.) All was in preparation for tomorrow: Cue-to-Cue.

Dun Dun Duuuunnnn!!

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