Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day Nine - "...with a little help from my FRIENDS!"

And so, we have reached the last post for this blog. The show is over, classes have started, and life has resumed for the cast and crew of Fables for Friends.

Even though it was only nine days, it felt like so much more than that. It is truly amazing how a group of people can accomplish SO MUCH in such a short period of time. Everyone was dedicated and enthusiastic and wonderful. We all worked our butts off, and it was SO worth it. I highly encourage all of you Jumbos reading this to get involved in an O-Show at some point during your time here at Tufts. You won't regret it. But, even if you can't for some reason, there is always so much more waiting to be done during the year. :)

If you have been reading this blog all along, THANK YOU! YOU ROCK!

If you have just started and this is the first thing you have read, you are in for quite the ride. Re-live our adventure starting from HERE.

Thanks again to the wonderful cast and crew of FFF. This show would have never been possible without a little help from some friends.


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