Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day Nine - Chocks Away! Geronimo!

Last night was our last performance. NINE DAYS after returning to Tufts and having our first pstaff meetings and read-throughs, we closed the show. How cool is that?

We went out with a bang too, if I do say so myself.

The Monday night order of shows was flipped from Sunday, so the TTII show went first at 8pm. The FFF cast and crew gathered in the Sculpture Court (that big echo-y space by the Art Gallery) at 9pm to talk about strike after the show. After that, the cast quietly filed into the dressing rooms to begin doing makeup and such, while the rest of the crew, myself included, sat around and waited for the musical to finish so we could help them clear out their stuff and set up ours.
Once the musical was done, we all went into superhyperfastpreset mode. Jeff and Cole and Theresa and Kyle P. all helped me set things in their proper places. (THANKS GUYS!!) It took us maybe 20 minutes to set everything, which is impressive considering the sheer number of THINGS that were used in the show.

Once we were all set, and the actors were all ready, we started the show.

Besides being a great run all around, this night was extrasuperduper special because Tufts' President Anthony Monaco was in attendance for the show. Despite having a smaller audience than Sunday night, we all had a blast, and the show was over before we knew it.

It's an Abby/ie sandwich with a Jeff bun!
(From left to right: Jeff R. - Asst. Lights, Abbie - Lights Design, Abby - ASM, Jeff - SM)

Once the audience members cleared out, all the backstage lights were turned on and we all went into STRIKE MODE!! RAAAAAAAWWR!! Every single person (from both shows) had a specific role to do. I took care of putting props away with the help of Theresa and Mayabea and Hannah. While we were all strike-ing, Lizzie played music over the sound system, so it was more like a party. My favorite prop that I put away was the leftover donuts that were not used in scene 2. I ate them. Well, one. It was yummy.

It was all over by about 1am. All the props and furniture and costumes were back in stock, the stage was swept, the lights adjusted to what they were before...almost like we were never there.
Before leaving, Thomas and Emily made sure we all signed the posters for our shows. We have a tradition in 3Ps to use signed posters as souvenirs for shows. I already have quite the collection of them. My FFF poster is now hanging lovingly on my wall above my desk, where it will stay for the rest of the year. YAY!

A little after 1am, we all departed the theater and went our separate ways...back to our dorms or houses or apartments to sleep and prepare for the first day of classes and, you know...normal college life?
Cole and Nadav STRIKE a pose! (haha, get it? GET IT?)

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