Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day Seven - Two Dresses, One Day.

Last full day of rehearsal. Yikes.
The task today? Complete two dress rehearsals with all the props, set pieces, costumes, makeup, hairstyles, lights and sound.
Did we accomplish this goal? Yes. Yes we did. But how did we do it?

9am: I pull up at the art gallery door behind the Aidekman Arts Center with all my gear, only to find most of the cast and quite a few of the crew waiting outside to be let in because the building is locked on Saturdays...

9:10-9:40: Presets! ALL OF THEM! With the help of Cole, Jeff and Kyle (big strong men who can carry heavy things like couches), I set up all the set pieces and props at the appropriate voms. This process is especially tricky in an arena stage because there are FIVE entrances, not just two. Thankfully, there were only two areas (Dog and Charlie) that actually needed special tables for the props. Other than that it was mostly furniture. So. Much. Furniture. Since dress rehearsals are supposed to simulate real performances, I also set out real food for scene 2 (burger and donut). Lastly, I went up to the catwalk and pulled up the chandelier so it would be out of the way until it was needed for scene 9.

While I was doing all this, other people were doing their many jobs: Actors were makeup-ing and dressing and warming-up, lights and sound were getting their systems up and running, and designers were making small adjustments to their designs.

9:40 - 9:50: Kyle P. and I sweep the stage LIKE A BOSS.

10:20am: I set the stage for scene one, and we BEGIN THE RUN! During the run, we operate under show conditions, meaning that we don't stop no matter what. In our first run, I payed attention to prop and furniture placement, and making sure the actors knew who was bringing what on when. I even put up a giant TRANSITIONS list up at every vom just in case...

11:50ish: The run is complete! Everyone quickly helps me get all the props and such off stage quickly so that the cast of the TTII O-Show can use the space as soon as possible.

Noon: Post-dress rehearsal pstaff meeting. There was much talk of sound levels, minor prop changes, and timing of lights. Also, Jeff sat on the table.

12:30-1pm: I head over to Dewick with Jeff R., Cole, and Tucker for lunch. This was when Cole ate two buffalo patties and a plate of fries in 2.5 minutes, JUST so he could get back to rehearsal in the Hangar in time. What a champion. (No, he didn't throw up afterwards...)

1-1:45: Notes! I got to give the actors notes! It was very exciting, but mostly just things like "you bring on this, this will be here, where do you want this, etc."

1:45-3: Run-throughs of the first few scenes, just to kick out the kinks and stuff. Also Cole choreographed the adorable curtain call. It is adorable.

3-4: Everybody BACK TO THE THEATER for the Second Dress Rehearsal!! Woo!!! Same stuff as before, pretty much. I have gotten to the point where I just know where stuff goes and so I don't need to consult my list much anymore. That makes things easier.

4-5:30: Dress rehearsal numbah two! It goes even more smoothly than the first! We also had our photo call during this rehearsal, so now there are nice pictures. YAY!

5:30-5:45: Clean-up. AGAIN! Everything got put away to make space for the other show, once again.

5:45-6pm: Pstaff meeting #2. More notes and fixes. Everyone is happy and in a good place going into the first performance tomorrow. Woot.

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