Friday, September 2, 2011

Day Six - Hair and Makeup!

As promised, here are Michelle's answers to your questions about her experience with this show and with hair and makeup in general!

How did you get involved in this show? Have you worked with hair and makeup before?
I first learned how to do theatrical hair and makeup when I got hired to work at a costume rental and theatrical supply shop owned by a family friend for a summer job. I started doing the hair and makeup for the high school plays and when I came to Tufts, I volunteered to do the hair and makeup for the opera, Our Town, my freshman year. Later that semester I got tapped to design for The Pillowman, and the rest is history.

What is special about hair and makeup for the O-Show?
Well...I've actually never done hair and makeup for an O-Show before. I worked as an actor on one my sophomore year, and the pace is definitely unique. Working on an O-show is like being on a roller coaster, minus the g-forces and the screaming. Well, there's a little screaming.

What is the most difficult thing about working on an O-Show?
That timing thing I was talking about. You always wish that you had more time, more resources. And when you're working on a budget of $15 and one full dress rehearsal, then you REALLY find yourself wishing.
What is the most fun thing about working on an O-Show?
It's really fun to see the results of your work come to life so quickly. Its sort of like instant gratification. You get to use your imagination, pull your materials, and put your work on the actors all in a few days. There's a lot of improvisation and creativity and that part is really fun.

What are you most looking forward to this week?
Seeing everything under the lights. And sleeping in on Sunday morning. Definitely sleeping in.

What do you think of the play?
I applaud Cole for his excellent synopsis reading skills. When he had to come up with a new show to put on in just a few weeks this summer, I think he found a show with a lot of humor and entertainment that is really relevant for our new freshman class. The themes of friendship and growing up are so appropriate for this time in their lives, and also present challenges to the actors (and designers...9 separate design schemes?!) who go from hilarious to poignant and back again.

Any advice for freshmen interested in hair and makeup?
OMG DO IT! Doing hair and makeup design is a great way to get to know both actors and techies. We are hoping to get some new faces designing this year and it doesn't matter if you have tons of experience, no experience, or just think this sounds weird and cool. Get in touch!

And finally...
"There's nothing like the smell of Aquanet and Ben Nye in the morning."

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