Friday, September 2, 2011

Day Six - Dresses and sweaters and robes OH MY!


Every actor will be sent down to the dressing rooms at some point to try on bits and pieces of their costumes and be inspected by our costume queens, Linda and Marisa. With the sounds of the Torn Ticket show rehearsing onstage coming in over the speakers, I set up shop in the dressing room and watched as different outfits were put together and scrutinized.

First up was Nora, and her outfit for scene two. Apparently, having nude underwear is VERY important in the theatre world. The jacket she will be wearing has yet to arrive, though, and will need some special attention before it is ready.

Next was the costumes for scenes three and four. In both of them she will be wearing pajamas, which is helpful. So really the only thing that needs to change is her bathrobe. Linda and Nora both agreed that the white robe should be for the college scene because a. you can see the nightgown more (and the nightgown is referenced in the script), and b. her character is a little ditzy, and thus would wear something like that. That is one thing that is really important about costume design: not only do you have to make the actors look good, but you have to make sure you stay faithful to any mentions of clothing in the script and the personalities of the characters themselves.

Last was the wedding dress! Woo! It has a zipper!! It is very exciting and pretty. Not only that but her shoes are easy to remove quickly, which is important for the scene.

Next up were Kyle and Tucker. Both men are play married characters by the end of the show, and thus need to have wedding bands. Tucker actually got one stuck on his finger, and needed to use soap to get it off. Whoops. The guys tried on different shirts and sweaters, and even shoes, using a mix of their own clothing and clothing that Linda and Marisa provided for them. Age was also a consideration in each costume design. By the end of the show all the characters are between 30 and 50 years old, so they have to dress that way.

Fun moments in the dressing room:

  • The throwing of the pants! (My idea, btw...)
  • Which panty is more elastic?
  • Would Mr. Party wear nice shoes?
  • I look like a blueberry.
  • Why are diddy bags called diddy bags anyway? (Diddy bags are where actors put all their small costume pieces like jewelry, watches or scarves.)

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