Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day Five - Costuming!

Marisa, our costume technician, answered a few questions for me about what it is like to work on costumes for an O-Show.

"So I don't really remember how I got involved with this show... I'm pretty sure I asked Ruthie, last year's VP Tech, to put me on the pstaff for the oshow. This is my 5th show doing costume tech at Tufts, and my 8th show total here. This show is very special because the actors are different characters every scene, so they need different costumes for every scene. That means TONS of costume changes. Most of the changes aren't too bad, but some of the larger ones are going to have to happen very quickly. Costuming an Oshow is difficult because there's a very limited budget and there's not as much time to always do all of the alterations. This show is easier than most because we're using clothing from the actors' wardrobes, so we don't really have many alterations to do. I'm really excited to watch Nora do her scene in the wedding gown because she looks gorgeous! The play is really funny at times, but it also has a message about friendship and relationships. I think the freshmen are really going to enjoy it!"

"For freshmen interested in costumes- just do it! Assist on any of the shows this semester or work (with me!) on this year's freshman show! My first show was the freshman show my freshman year, and I'm so glad I did it. It was difficult being thrust into a position at first, but then I got the hang of it. And I had wonderful mentors (Ruthie and Emily) who helped me the whole way. Most of my best friends now are people who I met because they were either working on the freshman show, were actors in the freshman show, or are friends of those people."

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