Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day Six - PhotoBOMB

A bomb of photos. An EXPLOSION of photos.

Downing Cless (Chair of the Drama Dept.) gives Cole some advice on a tough scene.

Marisa makes costume labels.

Cast gets notes in Aidekman 75.

Michelle makes makeup diagrams. You can never have too many, you know.

A totally not-staged-at-all-seriously-they-are-acting-totally-natural picture of our producers, Thomas and Emily.

Late night, post-rehearsal pstaff meeting. (Notice ALL THE STUFF on the stage?)

Eric surrounded by Jeffs in the booth.

Jeff in the natural light, looking totally awesome in all his headset and cue-book glory.

Jeff R. with the light board.

Lizzie (wo-)manning the sound board.

The stage by the end of the show.

My script and notes in the blue light of backstage.

Theresa fixes a lamp!

Almost but not quite a photobomb?

Tucker: I actually wear this outfit myself on a pretty normal basis...

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